Mossy Interior Design Ideas for Your Living Room and Kitchen | Woodlands Texas

In the Woodlands trees tower over most of its nature-filled suburbs creating a different feel from the hustle and bustle of Houston.

Today we want to focus on some of our Moss accessories, and its aesthetic effects in interior design that can create a beautifully mysterious forest-like setting that brings you a child-like wonder of exploring the woods with your friends, allowing you to reconnect with nature all from within your cozy home.


Right Next Door Designs | MOSSY BUNNIES  


mossy ball
Hang these in your kitchen with dimly lit, warm lighting to really bring home the outdoor natural aesthetics.
If you have a wooden kitchen bar, hang these near your soft lighting to attain true kitchen zen, so the next time you cook, you'll be doing so in a peaceful environment that brings all the beauty of the outdoors without the mosquitos.

Right Next Door Designs | MOSSY BUNNIES 

Mossy Bunnies
These adorable little fellas bring both the worlds of "cute" and "natural" interior design themes that can energize rustic or brown themes by bringing them to the forefront. 
You can place these near your entrance for a "welcome home" feeling from the woods. Ideally you want to place these Mossy Bunnies side by side near your door facing parallel with your doors so that they are more eye-catching than facing forward.
If you have a shoe rack near your home entrance or a multi-layered shelf in your living room then you should place one at the top and one within the rack and space them out.
Now, coming home will feel more organic and sweet when you use our Mossy Bunnies.
These grassy forest creatures even work in your kitchen!
Try placing them next to a fruit basket and let your Mossy Bunnies gracefully greet your guest for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

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Medium Moss Easter Basket

Add a clear fruit bowl or cloth on top of your Medium Moss Easter Basket and add your selection of fruits inside. This will make your kitchen feel more organic and pure. 

As mentioned before, the Moss Bunnies would fit right in or near it's mossy easter counterpart.

This will spruce up any countertop in your kitchen and your living room making your guest feel warm and zen in the presence of nature.

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We've discussed adding a moss ball to a brown themed house or rustic look but this can work in a white contemporary themed household as well.

This can bring energy to an empty living room and can become the focal point of your kitchen depending on your lighting and where you hang and space them out. 

One difference between this mossy ball and the other is that the Moss & Linen Ball bring out even more earthy colors that blend with both brown or white homes making them versatile for bright or dark households.

Hang these above your wall shelf and contrast the blank white canvas with natural earthy colors.

Moss Linen Ball

Because Moss absorb water, they can soak up the humidity in your room bringing you a nicer less humid feel in your home if you ever use moss walls for some of your homes interior design.

Whether you want a natural home or one with a more modern theme, Right Next Door Designs can make that happen for you!