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Meet The Team

Michelle Harper
Boss of Chaos

Single mom with 2 kids and a gigi to 4 grand kiddos. Doggy mom to my 4 legged human, Brooks. Michelle is a native Texan, grew up in H-town but now live 26 miles north in The Woodlands, TX. She graduated with a BBA in Finance after attending UT Austin, Sam Houston State and Lamar, now I refuse to look at spreadsheets or check email. I haven't done a conference call or zoom call in 5+ years and it is the way I plan on living the rest of my life. I left corporate America in 2016 to pursue my passion of interior design and it was the best decision I ever made. I am now the owner of a full service design and remodel store and 'chaos boss' of my retail store where every one of my team rock their own boss titles. I turned 50 years old, bought myself a jeep and it has changed my life #jeepgirl. I refused to let Covid impact life or slow me down so 'why not' became my new motto in both personal and business. Why not is now the name of my jeep and the name of our YouTube channel. I am now the host of a local radio show focused on featuring empowered women in our community. I am a firm believer in working hard and playing hard so most afternoons you will find me with a Miller Lite in hand. Tailgators spicy garlic double fried chicken wing flats are my jam. During crawfish season you will find me and my kids at The Draft atleast 3x a week. It's an expensive season when my wingman (s), can eat 10+lbs by themselves. #peaceout

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Shannon Bailey
Get it done boss

Meet Shannon Bailey the “Boss of getting it done”.  Yes that’s me on a typical day you will see Michelle and I together working on design jobs, remodels, installs, shopping, having a beer or wine and so much more.  I am kind of like her right hand or maybe left hand probably more like right, left, feet etc.. I think you get the drift.  Let’s rewind the tape for a minute… Michelle and I met back in 2006 when she was running her business from her home and I had a faux painting business.  We clicked instantly and the magic happened.  Michelle was getting called more often for design jobs and reaching out to me for color selections and faux painting… Tons of faux painting!  We always worked great together and our ideas always seemed to click and balance out well.  Michelle is a bit more grounded and I tend to throw in the quirky unexpected things from time to time.  In the end we always love the vision that is delivered.  I had to take a step out of Texas for a few years and I remember getting the call from Michelle saying “Shannon I’m leaving corporate America.  I am going to go full force in my design business and open a store I would love for you to come out and work with me”.  My dream was to one day make it back to Texas and thankfully for Covid and working at home my dream happened.  Michelle came to visit me in WA state in 2020 and we were sitting on the couch watching the “Home edit” and we were like we could so be doing this.  That my friends is the birth of our crazy #Whynotwednesday youtube videos.  We are not your typical designers.  You will see us in tennis shoes and stretchy pants running around and sweating like crazy.  I take that back I sweat Michelle swears she doesn’t.  I’m not a fancy person but honestly when you are raised going to a private school that requires you to wear dresses and skirts… you could shoot me between the eyes to wear dresses and skirts.  On occasion I may surprise you but for the most part I am a VERY casual jeans kind of gal. A little bit about me… I am married to a wonderful man and getting ready to settle in a neighborhood with my besties.  I have 2 wonderful daughters who are off at college.  My oldest is a Senior at Long Beach State CA and my youngest is a Sophomore at Texas A&M  Corpus Christi.  My hubby has two great sons one who is pursuing his own business in automotive and boat detailing and the other who just started college at TCU.  That almost makes us the Brady bunch minus 2 kids and Alice!  Boy could I use an Alice!On the weekends you will find me hanging out with my hubby trying different restaurants.  Possibly on my friend’s boat on the lake trying to avoid being lake sick.  Yes you heard me correct lake sick!  My hubs and I also adore our crazy dog under training or forever training Hank the French Bulldog.  I love to cook, DRINK, play cards and games and just hang out.  My latest drink is Miller lite draft dressed for those of you that don’t know I never liked beer and to add salt on the mug OH MY!  My motto folks is if I can’t get out of bed and laugh daily at work then it is just a job.  I absolutely love what I do and adore Michelle.  I may get fired on occasion but I always end back on the payroll.

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Melanie Conlin Devos
Boss of Awesome

Hi! My name is Melanie Devos, and I am the Boss of Awesome!  I have the amazing job as Store Manager of Right Next Door Designs and everything about the store is Awesome!  Our customers comment all the time about how many cool and unusual items we carry.  This is because Michelle, our fearless leader, and owner of the store, takes a few of us with her to Market to help choose product.  This is one of my favorite, and most awesome roles in the store!  I come from a retail background, but this is the most fun I have ever had managing a store!So, about me…I am originally from Illinois, then lived in Texas, then back to Illinois, then South Florida, and now, I’m finally back in Texas where I plan to stay.   I have been visiting my sisters here in The Woodlands since before it was even finished.  Remember when Alden Bridge was “the back” of The Woodlands?!  My son spent summers here with his cousins, so it was only natural for me to end up here near my family.  I am the proud mother of an Army veteran, my son Jason.  I am the proud Mimi of my grandson Jaime, who lives in Germany.  I am also the proud stepmother of my 16 and 18 year old boys -   Grant, a sophomore at Woodlands High School, and Connor, who is off to college in Missouri.  I married my best friend, Philip, in 2017, (after living together for five years!) and we live in a beautiful home we are renovating in Cochran’s Crossing, with Grant, and our adorable rescue lab mixes, Jackie and Jordie.  We are a rugby (first!) and football family. You can find me here at Right Next Door Designs 5 or 6 days a week – by choice!  We are known for a fun shopping experience to be enjoyed with a cold one or a glass of bubbles!  We host super fun classes on Thursday nights, and the occasional Saturday party! W hen I’m not in the store, I am at a sports event rooting for my sons, out for wine with my girlfriends, or I am hanging out by my pool with a good book. Come see me for the shopping, and stay for the

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Christine Lormand
Boss of Displays

Hi, Christine Lormand here, boss of displays at Right Next Door Designs. I am a coonass from Louisiana living my best life here since 2006. A little about me! I love Jesus, my family and friends, and this great country!! I know that God loves us because He gave us beer, wine, and coffee!!! I like riding my bike and taking trips in our RV. After 12 years working in retail I had said I would never do it again… until Melanie convinced me to work at Right Next Door Designs. Now I find myself coming in on Sundays (we are closed on Sundays) because I can’t get a floor move idea out of my head! I just love working here!! I feel like I have finally found my niche. Great coworkers, great customers and great times. I now look forward to coming into work and meeting new people! So, please come in and visit with me! My rule is you have to come visit at least once a week!

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Bob the Builder

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