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Bourbon Smoked Sugar is raw demerara sugar that is slow-smoked with repurposed bourbon barrel staves. It has sweet caramel flavors and the richness of smoked oak. Bourbon Smoked Sugar is perfect mixed in a spice rub or barbecue sauce and thrown on the grill, or use it with the sweet stuff – fruit crisps, pies, cookies and cocktails. #eatyourbourbon

Sweeten and garnish your signature cocktails with an extra burst of flavor using this Bourbon Barrel Foods bourbon smoked sugar. Featuring the rich, caramelized flavor of demerara sugar with a smoky, oak finish achieved from smoking the sugar with repurposed bourbon barrel staves, this sugar adds a sweet and savory kick to barbecue, baked goods, candies, ice cream, non-alcoholic beverages, and cocktails! The 10 oz. specialty tin beautifully displays this sugar behind your bar to pique customer interest and add an attractive shelf presence.

For an effortless cocktail option on your menu, muddle this sugar with bourbon, water, and bitters, then moisten the rim of a serving glass and roll it in more sugar before garnishing the cocktail with an orange peel and a cocktail cherry for a classic old fashioned. Or, feature it on your food menu to make this a money-saving multi-use product in your establishment. Stir it into a spice rub for sticky, barbecued ribs for a sweet and smoky dinner option; sprinkle it on the top of a fresh peach pie crust for a signature southern dessert; or stir it into a steaming cup of coffee served with chocolate biscotti for an after-dinner nightcap with a fragrant twist. Incorporate this bourbon sugar across your menu for a sweet, smoky finish that will keep customers coming back for more

  • Handcrafted in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Ideal for baking, candies, Ice Cream, and Cocktails.